Muay Thai Speed Drills

Muay Thai speed drills are a series of exercises, which form a branch of martial arts originally from Thailand over five hundred years ago. Muay Thai practitioners use the fists, feet, elbows and knees in fights and are usually fast. This learnt quickness also decides the outcome in encounters. Muay Thai kicks and punches are executed with speed and as such, the opponent must respond quickly to block or counterattack the blow. Timing, strength, rhythm and stamina are elements which the fighter has to master as he increases proficiency. 

  1. Pad Work is a Muay Thai speed drill. To obtain speed in Muay Thai, focus pads are essential instruments. Striking on these pads, for example the jab and hook mitts, gradually develops coordinated punches and accurate kicks. As confidence grows within the fighter, the speed rises. 
  2. Bag Work is another Muay Thai speed drill necessary to quicken speed. Sparring and kicking using the bag develop the muscles of the extremities and as a result, quick reactions become almost automatic. 
  3. Speed balls are used to boost rapid movements and heighten alacrity. These speed balls require the Muay Thai boxer to respond swiftly each time the ball bounces whenever it is is punched.
  4. To accelerate Muay Thai techniques, practicing basic punches in Muay Thai is a sure-fire way to pick up speed. Punches such as the front punch, the hook punch, the upper cut and the jumping punch are some indispensable moves. Correct form and accuracy leads to greater strength and speed in delivering the blow. 
  5. Strengthening muscles can also increase Muay Thai speed. Exercises such as press ups or push ups, sit ups, squats, trunk turns reinforces the strength in knees, feet, arms, legs and trunk area. Developing these core muscles result in not only quicker moves, but also builds fatality and stamina in long, protracted tournaments. Also weight training using dumb bells greatly increases muscle mass and adds swiftness in performing punches and kicks. 
  6. Sweeping kicks are another Muay Thai drill done powerfully fast. Using the opponent's rhythm against him is the best way to counter such a move. To perfect Muay Thai kicking, it is best to use the punching bag or focus pad.
  7. Cobra technique is a swift Muay Thai method that imitates the movement of the snake in defensive mode. In nature, when threatened, the snake would withdraw its head and then dart forward with powerful and lethal sting. In the same way, Muay Thai fighters would elude an opponent's high kick by moving away the head or body and then quickly lunging forward with a jaw punch to knock out the other fighter.
  8. Khun Yak Jab Ling is a type of Muay Thai defense against punches, kicks, or elbow jabs. These responses must be accomplished quickly since the timing of the reactions can either retard the other opponent's next move or give him latitude to do further injury. Through a series of ducks, deflections, one step withdrawals, and consequent counter-responses, the fighter is able to successfully and automatically ward off aggression. 
  9. Muay Thai choreographed sequences improve speed in execution. Practicing this regime is a means of gaining confidence and intensifying speed. When a fighter has mastered this technique, rhythm and speed follow. 
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