Muay Thai: Stuff You Should Know

There is some Muay Thai stuff you should know before you begin to train and use this style of fighting. Muay Thai is a boxing style that originated in Thailand. You should know that Muay Thai is about 2000 years old. Other Muay Thai information you should know includes the rules, the equipment needed, and how to train to be the best Muay Thai boxer you can be.

Each Muay Thai match starts with what is known as "Wai Kru." During Wai Kru, the two boxers show respect to their teachers by circling the ring three times and bowing. The match begins afterwards. 

You should know that every Muay Thai match consists of five rounds. Every round lasts three minutes and there should be two minutes breaks between each round. A boxer can score up to ten points in each round. To win a point, his punches and strikes must be strong, aggressive and accurate. Each strike must be performed in the proper style for a point to be earned.

If an opponent is struck in such a way that he falls to the floor and cannot continue to fight within ten seconds, it is known as a knock out. You should know that the ring must be cleared of others, except for a doctor and a referee, following a knock out.  A boxer who is knocked out needs to be seen by a doctor. He will need to wait 30 days before his next Muay Thai fight.

Other Muay Thai stuff you should know includes the equipment needed to fight. Boxers must only wear shorts while fighting. His gloves must be of a certain weight, depending on his weight class. He needs to wear protection on his groin and his hair must not be long to prevent injury.

The Muay Thai ring needs to be between twenty and 24 square feet. It should have a padded floor and ropes on all four sides. Each fighter will get two towels, bottles of water and a trash bin in his corner.

You should know that there are nineteen weight classes in Muay Thai. The lightest weight is mini flyweight, which is boxers up to 105 pounds. The heaviest is super heavyweight, or boxers up to 209 pounds.

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