Muay Thai Training Drills

Muay Thai training drills are essential to maintain proper form and continue to condition your body for optimal performance. There are a variety of training drills that can be used and you can customize them to fit your specific fitness and skill level. Take the time to work your training drills into your overall workout for a whole body workout.

  1. Ten-twenty-ten. Work with a partner and have them use Thai pads. Do ten roundhouse kicks to one side, then twenty clinching straight knee kicks and finish with ten roundhouse kicks to the other side. 
  2. Muay Thai elbow training. Have a partner use focus mitts and alternate elbow strikes as fast and as long as you can. This helps with precision and the fast movements keep your heart rate up. 
  3. Progressive combos training drill. A progressive combo is a combination drill that enables you to work in at least six different kinds of strikes. Start with the first strike, then do the first strike and add the second strike. Start again with the first strike, second and add the third. Continue this progression until you're using all six to ten strikes you have decided to work with.
  4. Muay Thai neck wrestling. Neck wrestling is a type of partner move where you have to engage in clinching moves with your partner. You are trying to work into the "control" position. If you're caught you need to work escape moves to break out of the control move.
  5. Medicine ball training drill. A medicine ball is a weighted ball. Perform basketball-like passes. One great way to increase intensity and skill is to have one partner hold the medicine ball while the other tries to punch the ball out of their hands. The partner holding the ball is responsible for making it a moving target. If they drop the ball, have them do twenty push ups. Switch for the other partner to perform the same drill.

Work with these Muay Thai training drills to improve your speed, agility, accuracy and overall fitness level. Don't forget to change up your moves and keep things interesting. 

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