Muay Thai Training Tips

Finding Muay Thai training tips can be beneficial to the style and efficiency of any Muay Thai practitioner. This brutal Thai boxing fighting style allows the practitioners to effectively use their elbows and knees for efficient close quarters combat. Improve upon these basic Muay Thai training tips in order to better your fighting ability.

  1. Always have your guard up when sparring. In any fighting discipline, including Muay Thai, you must keep your guard up and your head protected. When you are throwing a punch, whether it is a jab, straight, or hook, you should keep a half guard up. This is one of the essentials of the Muay Thai training tips because a head shot can be the deciding factor of a fight.
  2. Hone your reflex ability. Muay Thai is known for its deadly counter striking arsenal. Sharp reflexes can be the difference between being a novice and a potential champion. Incorporate reflex drills in your workout in order to be able to take advantage of any counter striking abilities that you may encounter in a spar or fight. Many fighters choose to skip this in their training sessions, which is why this has become one of the more important Muay Thai training tips.
  3. Improve your striking speed. Effective for peppering your opponent and closing in on a counter strike opportunity, striking speed is your best friend. Striking speed can be improved by doing resistance training and repetition.
  4. Improve your striking accuracy. While you speed to hit your opponent before they can react, and the accuracy to make sure you hit the target. Training with the punching pads will improve your accuracy. Accuracy is definitely something you should focus on, out of all the Muay Thai training tips.
  5. Practice clinching with a partner. Clinching becomes more important when the opponent has become fatigued and they want to clinch their way to victory. Clinching can be a whole other fighting style on its own, and is very strenuous and tactical. This is another one of the more important Muay Thai training tips because a clinch can make or break a fight.
  6. Shadow box as warm up. Shadow boxing is when you are striking the air, imagining that you are fighting an opponent. This is a great way to get your blood pumping, your mind in the fighting mindset, and your focus sharpened.
  7. Lift weights for greater strength. To add impact to your punches, make use of free weights in your training sessions. It is recommended that you use lighter weights and more repetitions in order to condition yourself and build your stamina. Heavier weights will increase strength but also increase your body mass, which some Muay Thai fighters do not wish to do.
  8. Stretch often and frequently. Full body stretching will relax your muscles and make you more prepared for a fight. Not stretching before exercise or a training session may result in injury or pulling a muscle. Stretching also allows you to kick at higher angles and with more force.
  9. Jump rope to improve fluid motion.  Jumping rope helps improve your foot work, which is vital for evading the attacks of your opponent. Jumping rope improves your rhythm and makes you lighter on your feet, while doing a lot to strengthen your calf muscles and improve your stamina.
  10. Make use of repetition. Repetition will allow you to efficiently execute a punch or a kick. Also, with time, the punches and kicks that you repeat will become muscle memory. It's not uncommon to hear of a counter punch that is executed unconsciously, which is something that would work to your advantage. Repetition is one of the basic, yet important, Muay Thai training tips that will allow you to excel in a spar or fight.
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