Mueller Stickum: How To Use On Football Gloves

Do you want to learn how to use Mueller Stickum on football gloves? Mueller Stickum is designed to help improve your grip while playing football and can be used directly on your hands or on football gloves. Mueller Stickum is environmentally friendly and is legal to use in most competitive sports. Using Mueller Stickum on your football gloves is easy and can help you have a better grip on the football. Stickum was used in the NFL in the 1970s mainly by the Oakland Raiders. The NFL banned all sticky substances because of the overuse of Stickum products to help NFL players hold on to the ball. However, Mueller Stickum can still be used in high school games to help players get a grip on the football. Just spray some on your football gloves and go out for a pass or run the ball down the middle for a touchdown.

Things you'll need:

  • Mueller Stickum
  • Football gloves
  • Football
  • Friend or teammate to throw you the ball
  1. Put your football gloves on. It will be easier if you spray one glove at a time. Spray Mueller Stickum all over the palms of your football gloves.
  2. Mueller Stickum was developed to help you grip the football. Mueller Stickum is not the old-fashioned (illegal) stick-up that practically catches the football for you. Mueller Stickum will only help you with your grip on the football. This is why Mueller Stickum is legal to use in most sports.
  3. Go out for a pass and have a friend or teammate throw you the football. Try catching the football like you would normally catch it. The Mueller Stickum will not catch the ball for you and will not make you a great athlete.
  4. You will have to reapply the Mueller Stickum on your football gloves. Remember, Mueller Stickum isn’t a replacement for catching ability; it's a grip-enhancer that will help you grip a football even in bad weather conditions.
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