Multiplayer Shooting Games

Multiplayer shooting games are some of the most popular video games to appear on store shelves. These games are perfect for those times when your friends are tired of you hogging all the action. Once they’re gone, you can sit back and enjoy the single-player modes.

  1. "GoldenEye 007." “GoldenEye 007” is a multiplayer shooting game for the Nintendo 64. The game allows players to assume the first-person perspective of James Bond, the infamous spy from the movie series. The various multiplayer modes give players the opportunity to hunt down one another with numerous projectile weapons, such as pistols, automatics, and throwing knives and laser guns. This highly acclaimed multiplayer shooting game first appeared in 1997.
  2. “Halo: Combat Evolved.” "Halo" is a multiplayer shooting game set in a science fiction environment. As the story goes, humanity is traveling through space in circular mega structures called Halos. The original game, which sparked a successful series of multiplayer shooting games, appeared in 2001 and served as a launch title for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming system. In addition to the single player story mode, the game features addicting multiplayer modes, which divide players into opposing teams. Fans deem “Halo” to be one of the games in its genre.
  3. "Gears of War." “Gears of War,” a multiplayer shooting game by Epic Games, first emerged in 2006. Xbox 360 originally supported the well-polished and bloody game. The action takes place on Sera, a planet terrorized by creatures called Locust. Players can duck and dive through the game’s campaign mode or engage each other in multiplayer combat. The game triggered a series of popular multiplayer shooting games that pursue the original story and offer the same violent fun.
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