Muscle Activation Technique

Muscle activation technique, also known as MAT is necessary to keep the musculoskeletal system healthy and balanced. Athletes who want to move more efficiently should practice this technique. A form of therapy, muscle activation technique, is ideal for those trying to recover from an injury. It is also ideal for those who are trying to avoid injury due to incorrect body mechanics.

  1. Find a muscle activation specialist. Finding a specialist is not very difficult at all. Certified MAT Specialist are listed in the local phone book. They can also be found at local wellness and training centers. It is best not to practice muscle activation technique without a specialist present, who can analyze your body mechanics.
  2. Complete a body analysis and range of motion evaluation. Having an analysis completed by a certified muscle activation specialist will determine weaknesses in your muscles. This will allow them to find the actual cause of the pain or tightness in the muscles. It is vital to complete this analysis before any MAT therapy session.
  3. Stimulate the muscles with the appropriate therapy. After the body is analyzed, the muscles must be stimulated appropriately by the muscle activation specialist. This should be done by manual therapy, which will work to restore the muscles. Usually patients feel relief after the first MAT therapy session.
  4. Repeat muscle activation therapy at least once a week. It is beneficial to complete these therapy sessions once a week until the muscular system has become balanced again. Each body and injury is different, so there is no way to tell exactly how long the therapy will be necessary.
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