Muscle Milk Side Effects

Before ingesting this supplement, it’s important that you realize certain possibilities regarding Muscle Milk side effects. Unlike other whey protein concentrates, Muscle Milk is designed to please the palate almost as much as it is to strengthen the muscles. Inclusion of certain ingredients like canola oil and Stevia make it a little tastier than the average protein supplement. But before you go out and buy it, make sure you’re aware of these possible side effects from the consumption of Muscle Milk.

  1. Weight Gain. Granted, lean muscle mass increase is an intended effect for many users of protein supplements. But coming in at 350 calories per serving with roughly half of them from fat, you can easily end up gaining the wrong kind of weight from drinking too much Muscle Milk. To avoid this side effect, it is recommended that you pay close attention to your daily calorie intake and exercise regularly.
  2. Upset Stomach. Because of the medium chain triglycerides that Muscle Milk contains, it’s possible that you could experience gastrointestinal problems after drinking it. This is especially true if you consume it on an empty stomach. A good quality carbohydrate just before Muscle Milk use should solve this side effect effortlessly.
  3. Lactose Intolerance Effects. Muscle Milk, unlike other protein supplements, is made to mimic natural protein sources, especially those found from dairy sources. Naturally, this means that certain milk derivatives are present in Muscle Milk’s list of ingredients. Those who are lactose intolerant, obviously, should avoid this brand because of adverse affects associated with its consumption.
  4. Flatulence. You probably wouldn’t automatically associate a protein supplement with increased flatulence, but an ingredient in Muscle Milk called maltodextrin is widely believed to have this somewhat strange side effect. Used mainly as a bulking agent, maltodextrin is essentially a bulking agent designed to give move volume and measurability to powdered supplements like Muscle Milk. Because of its association with excess gas, you might want to make sure that you don’t go to an important meeting or schedule a hot date right after your Muscle Milk shake.
  5. Bloating. The nonnutritive ingredient sucralose added to Muscle Milk is added to give it some extra sweetness. The more common brand name for this substance is Splenda. It is suspected that gastrointestinal side effects such as bloating and diarrhea are possible when ingested. Though not yet officially proven, don’t be too surprised if you feel a little bloating going on after drinking Muscle Milk.  
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