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When it comes to music listening websites, you may find yourself spoiled for choice. While there is a vast assortment of musical sites on the internet, it's a good idea to remember that old adage "Not all that glitters is gold." Or, in this case, beauty is definitely in the ear of the…beholder? Listener? The point is, good content isn't always easy to find. To make this sea of songs easier to swim, take a gander at some of the best websites that offer users the pleasure of listening to music online.

  1. YouTube For people who like to watch musicians perform their songs, YouTube is the place to be. A simple search of an artist or song title will usually yield hundreds of results. Another YouTube bonus is the ability to find obscure music and long lost classics.
  2. Yahoo! Internet Radio The reliability of Yahoo! combined with mainstream radio results in music listening that is current and fresh. Users can easily search by genre, song title or musician. Save the songs you like the best for repeat performances.
  3. Last FM Streaming Radio Once you set up a profile, you can access music and streaming radio from a vast database of genres. Choose from current hits or old-time classics and everything in between.
  4. Pandora Internet Radio Ever wondered what it would feel like to hear only the music you love? Wonder no longer, just get over to Pandora and start your collection. This website has enjoyed an explosion of popularity in recent years, probably because of its large assortment of music styles.
  5. Maestro FM Here, music listening meets social media in the most pleasant of ways. Members can enjoy their favorite tracks and connect with like-minded users at the same time.
  6. Grooveshark Grooveshark let's casual visitors search for their favorite music or artist and listen to tracks. A membership means you can set up an account and store individual selections or in-depth collections.
  7. Deezer This site makes music listening free as well as easy. If you want more, consider upgrading to a premium account.
  8. Sky.FM Radio The many genres playing at Sky.FM include jazz, reggae, rap, salsa, classical, bebop and bossa nova. Easy search options and organizational tools make music listening a snap.
  9. DI FM Radio If you like techno or electronically rendered music, DI (Digitally Imported) will meet your needs effortlessly. The site features a large selection of techno and other forms of Indie music
  10. Pure Volume This website is becoming popular because of its rapidly growing music listening options tailored to individual users. In addition to featuring the latest genres as well as classic selections, users can search by song title, genre or artist.
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