Muslim Clothing For Men

Are you thinking of purchasing Muslim clothing for men? Various regions have their own forms of Muslim clothing for men including Pakistan, Morocco and the Middle East. Because of this, Muslim clothing for men comes in a huge variety of colors, styles and lengths.

  1. Jubba This is a traditional Muslim suit-style jacket which is intended to be worn over a dishdasha. Many jubba variations exist including side slits or no slits and padding verses no padding. The Jubba is available in a variety of colors as well.
  2. Dishdasha The dishdasha comes in a variety of styles. Style choices include hooded or non-hooded, embroidered or not embroidered, regular or full-sleeve. The Arabic and Moroccan styles of dishdasha are very similar.
  3. Salwar Kameez This Pakistani men's suit has an oriental collar with embroidery on the neckline and button area or a plain front. The top of this men's suit is knee-length and has fitted sleeves. 
  4. Kurta Shirts Kurta shirts are Muslim clothing for men which come available in two lengths. The shorter kurta ends just below the hips, while the long kurta ends at the knees. Kurtas vary on style with no breast pockets to single or double-breasted on solid or printed fabrics ranging from polyester to cotton blends.
  5. Vests The vests are worn over the salwar kameez to dress up the suit. This piece of Muslim clothing for men comes in solid or embroidered fabrics that feature V necklines or stand-up collared necklines.
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