My Shins Hurt When I Run How Can I Prevent It?

Are you asking yourself, "My shins hurt when I run, how can i prevent it?" If your shins hurt when you run, there are a number of ways to prevent this common discomfort that plagues both running veterans and novices alike. First, take a break from running for a few days to allow your aching shins to recover. Then when you’re ready to hit the road again, follow these important steps to prevent your shins from flaring up in pain:

  1. Pick out good running shoes. You’ll want specific running shoes with good arch support to prevent shin pain and remember to never go out running in basic tennis shoes (forgetting your gym bag is no excuse).  Also, make sure your running shoes fit correctly; many people choose shoes that are a half a size too small for them. The shoes should never pinch your toes, and the balls of your feet should match up with the widest area of the shoe.
  2. Give your old running shoes the boot. Running shoes unfortunately can only take you so far, 300 to 500 miles to be exact, before you’ll need to buy new ones. After that time, the shoes begin to lose their cushioning and arch support making it harder on your legs. You want your shoes do all the absorbing, not your poor shins.
  3. Try running on a treadmill or dirt. If you’re a huge asphalt lover, this might be the culprit behind your hurting shins. Hard pavement puts a great deal of stress on every part of your legs, including the shins. Try running on a treadmill in the gym for more support. If you love the outdoors, then go out on a cushioned stadium track or hit some dirt hiking trails. Your shins will thank you for it.
  4. Watch your form. Make sure that you’re not landing on your feet with a huge thud; incorrect running form can place a lot of unneeded pressure on your shins. Keep a shorter stride, don’t extend your knee too high, and make sure your feet land right under your body. Also, never run on uneven surfaces since it can throw off this alignment.
  5. Warm it up and stretch it out. Warm up before a run so as not to shock your body when you begin running. Stretch out your calve muscles extra well to prevent your shins from hurting by gently flexing your foot or pushing off against a wall with your legs in a lunge position. With proper stretching, your shins will do just fine on your next big run.
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