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If you're looking to create a savvy and interesting profile on a social networking site, it can be smart to be aware of the many MySpace About Me ideas. Filling out a profile on MySpace (or any other social networking site, for that matter) can be daunting because your page will be the first impression that many people have of you. Apart from potential new friends viewing your profile, your existing friends will also be able to read the things that you write. To prepare a concise and approachable MySpace "About Me" section, it can be beneficial to take note of several social networking guidelines and tips.

  1. Introduce yourself. Most people who will stop by your page will not know who you are. Indicate your first name, and perhaps a nickname that people close to you call you. For safety purposes, never reveal your last name on any social networking page (you don't walk stalkers, after all).
  2. Mention where you live, but don't get too specific. People are often on MySpace to make friends in their area. If you live in Los Angeles, California, for example, write that you reside in sunny Southern California. Never mention your exact street address or any other specific details regarding your location, such as your school or your occupation. Mentioning your job title can be an interesting tidbit for your page visitors, but to be safe, avoiding company names or other specific pieces of information.
  3. Tell everyone something fascinating about yourself. To engage visitors to your MySpace profile, draw people in by revealing some zany, wacky and unusual fact about yourself. For example, say that you once went three nights without sleeping during a summer vacation, or say that you have seen every episode of "The Brady Bunch" at least three times.
  4. Discuss your hobbies and interests. If you're looking to connect with new friends on MySpace, it can help to talk about some of your hobbies and interests. If you are an athletic person that runs track, make sure to emphasize that. If your dream is to one day look at Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" in person at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, make a note of that in your "About Me" section.
  5. Talk about who you would like to meet. If you do not want to meet anybody new and your profile is intended for friends that you already have, make that clear. If you are looking for friends in your area who are interested in similar things as you are, make that fact known in your "About Me" section, as well. You can also use your "About Me" section to tell people who you do not want to meet, as well. For instance, you can state that you are not on this website to look for a potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

When creating a MySpace "About Me" section, do not overanalyze things that you write or be overly critical. Just be yourself, relax and have fun!

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