Myspace Backgrounds For Guys

The top 5 MySpace backgrounds for Guys that are elaborated above make for a mesmerizing theme that can attract a lot of attention. Choose one among these and we are sure, you will not be disappointed.Boys will be boys and this attitude reflects almost everywhere from the attire they are dressed in to the games that they opt to play. Most of the MySpace male addicts will look to have their own custom-designed wallpapers and theme selections eclectic to a number of topics that they are interested in.

  1. Live to Ride Harley Davidson.  Bikers, bike aficionados, bike breathers, boys just cannot stay away from their toys. So, what could be better than a Harley Davidson to adorn their MySpace portal?
  2. Tattoo Parlor.  This is another cool MySpace background for guys where they display a tattoo vendor putting on tattoos all over. Tattoos have become the most preferred form of self-expression lately, and guys seem to love the whole concept.
  3. Cash All Day, Every Day. Gotta Have That Cash.  Money is another feature that drives guys crazy and hence this awesome wallpaper is on the summit of any boy’s wish-list when choosing an apt theme design for his MySpace account.
  4. Deadly Skull.  What you eventually see here, is a really scary piece of art with a black background. A glowing skull with flames coming out gives you the right kind of statement that people would assume once they visit your account.
  5. Hot Motorcycle Ride.  For boys who cannot live without their two-wheeled friends, here is a cool MySpace background that has an entire bike on display. Reflecting all kinds of views, the poster is a huge ode to bike lovers the world over.



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