N Sync Songs

Let us take a look at a few popular N Sync songs. There was a time when you could not escape the global phenomenon known as the "boyband." Everyone had their favorite, even if you won't admit it. Here are a few of the best from Justin, JC, Lance, Joey and Chris.

  1. "Bye Bye Bye." This song was the introduction of the more powerful Nsync. The first single from their second album "No Strings Attached" was a confident tune that alluded to the separation of the group with manager Lou Pearlman. The song was accompanied by an amusing and entertaining music video featuring the five as marionettes. 
  2. "I Want You Back."  This is the debut single that introduced teen girls all over the world to Nsync. The catchy music became an instant hit, although it was almost too similar to fellow boyband, the Backstreet Boys. It would take a few songs to really find their own voice.
  3. "I Drive Myself Crazy." This song was another enjoyable tune that reveled in its simplicity. The music video, which featured the five boys as mental patients in a mental hospital, showed how silly they really were. An attempt at acting suggested that the producers of "On the Line" had not seen the video before green lighting the flick.
  4. "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You." This was a sweet song that made teen girls wish the song was written just for them. The first and most successful of their ballads, "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You" was beautifully melodic and proved that these boys had plenty of heart that went along with their cover-boy looks. The video was another homerun, featuring a love story between a soldier and his girl.
  5. "Pop." This fast paced adrenaline-induced song was released off of the group's final album, "Celebrity." Justin Timberlake tries to make a respectable attempt at rapping and proved that Nsync had become so famous that they could get away with a white boy rapping and an album that was completely self-referential. The music video for this one was a trip through the mind of any comic book geek: colorful, bright and just plain fun.
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