Naked World Records

Want to knowmore about Naked World Records? Trust humans to do the most absurd of things to gain their five seconds of fame. We have compiled an exclusive catalog of naughty world records that are too bizarre to be true. Nevertheless, go through the list of the 10 Naked World Records and have a good laugh and stare at the screen in surprise. Read on and enjoy!

  1. The World’s Biggest Naked Parachute Jump.  This one is definitely the most distinguished and hardest record to achieve. Defying gravity, atmospheric pressure and the extreme cold, 21 members of the Goteborg Parachute Club jumped from a height of 2000m to achieve this remarkable world record.
  1. The World’s Largest Photo Session – Naked.  Thousands of people stripped nude to achieve the world naked record for ace photographer Spencer Tunic. This record was broken in Mexico in the year 2007 but it was a huge headline for many days altogether and held a worldwide interest.
  1. The World Largest Group Naked Wedding.  This mass event took place in the Hedonist Club, Jamaica on February 14, 2003. Almost 29 couples had the guts to pose naked on their D-day and declare their undying love for each other. We do not know how many of their marriages prevailed, but the naughty world record for sure did.
  1. The World Biggest Naked Roller Coaster Ride.  Thorpe Park, Surrey witnessed a mind-blowing phenomenon in the year 2004 when nearly 100 students decided to mount the biggest roller coaster there, wearing nothing but an attitude up their sleeve. The result? We have one more naked world record to brag about!
  1. The First Human to Stand Naked at both the Poles.  Don Kern from USA braved a temperature of almost minus 32 degrees to bag the honor of standing naked at both the North and South Poles on 18th of April, 2003. This triggered world wide acclaim to the indomitable spirit of manhood.
  1. The World Biggest Naked Bike Ride.  These bikes rides are organized every year to mark the spirit of cycling. People need to show up absolutely nude with messages all over their body and celebrate the pure love of cycling. As more and more participants are recorded year after year, this world naked record has been broken and re-broken many times.
  1. The Largest World Record Skinny Dip.  A staggering 12,000 people skinny dipped all over the US at the same time to enter into the Guinness Book of Records, stark naked. What’s more, they plan to do so again and beat their own record! Can there be anything crazier than that?
  1. Nude Beach Olympics.  The Nude Beach Olympics are held in Australia every year that includes several gaming events in both the individual and the team event niches. Players are prohibited from wearing anything and have to show up in their birthday suits in the Maslin Beach, which is the first Nude Beach in the country.
  1. The World’s Most Creative Female Stripper.  Known to be a fitness fanatic and a healthy mother of three kids, Andrea Hall from Manchester City runs around naked often throughout the city to promote peace. While onlookers laugh their hearts off at her stunt, she is all smiles and poses cheerfully for the paparazzi. This has to be the most prolific world naked record ever.
  1. The World’s First Naked Aircraft Flight.  The world witnessed a group of naked passengers on the Boeing 737 from Miami to Mexico. The event organizer was Castaway Travels based in Houston Texas. This naughty world record sure managed to capture all eyeballs for many days later.

The 10 naked world records described above are sheer examples of the lengths that most people would go to hog the limelight. Read them, get inspired and laugh along – all we want you to do is have fun, just like the record holders had!

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