Narcissistic Definition

You may have heard the term narcissist tossed around occasionally, but you may not actually know exactly what the narcissistic definition is. Many people use the term quite often, but it can actually have a couple of slightly different meanings depending on if it’s used in a medical context or a personal one. Most people that use the term narcissistic or talk about narcissism don’t realize it is actually a disorder, and the person they’re describing might have some mental problems.

When someone uses the term narcissistic, they usually intend to describe people as being arrogant, stuck up, and possibly in love with themselves. This is the basic definition of narcissism, and it’s a proper usage of the term. If you know people that always think of themselves as being more important than everybody else, and expect everyone to treat them like they are the center of the universe, then those people might be narcissistic. Sometimes this kind of behavior is simply a personality flaw, and it may not escalate to the level of being a mental disorder, but there is another narcissistic definition that describes people who are suffering from a kind of mental illness.

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental illness associated with certain people who have trouble empathizing with others. These people see the world from a very self-centered viewpoint, and this often makes them very difficult to deal with on a personal level. These people are also often oddly fragile emotionally because their whole identity is built up around a false concept of how they are viewed in the world by others. When the illusion is shattered and real life comes flooding in, someone with narcissistic personality disorder can be terribly hurt, and may even feel betrayed by the world. Most narcissists aren’t necessarily severe enough to be described as suffering from a disorder, but sometimes it is worth considering, and some people who suffer from this disorder can benefit from therapy. 

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