National Guard Benefits

National Guard Benefits are an important thing to think about if one is considering joining the National Guard. Through National Guard Benefits, an individual can receive many exciting perks and benefits. Here is a list of the best National Guard Benefits.

  1. Bonuses.  Probably the most notable National Guard Benefit is the bonuses. If a person has special skills, such as a background in medicine,logistics or engineering, they can receive a bonus of up to $5000 when joining the National Guard. Individuals may also receive a bonus if they join a unit training for a special assignment.
  2. Extra Income.  Once an individual joins the Nation Guard they get paid for everyday they serve their country. As a soldier in the National Guard an individual will get paid for all training as well as all active duty.
  3. Pay for college.  One of the most impressive National Guard benefits is that once a person joins the National Guard they are often eligible to receive a paid college education. The National Guard can also repay up to $50,000 of student loans using Enlisted Loan Repayment Programs.
  4. Options during and after high school.  The National Guard provides a variety of options and services for individuals in high school and just out of high school. A person can join the National Guard while still in high school or receive G.E.D. assistance when joining the National Guard. The National Guard also offers its own high school diploma program, known as the Patriot Academy.
  5. Fly for free.  Individuals in the National Guard can fly anywhere in the U.S. for free. National Guard members  receive free flight travel on military aircrafts when space is available.
  6. Huge discounts. National Guard members and their families also have access to huge discounts at military installations all over the world. National Guard members enjoy discounts on lodging, automobile rental and tax-free shopping at military installations.
  7. Retirement plan.  An individual who has completed a standard part-time term in the National Guard can receive up to  $287,803 in retirement money from the Federal Goverment.
  8. Life Insurance. The National Guard offers  very good, low cost life insurance options for its members. National Guard members are eligible for up too $400,000 in life insurance coverage. National Guard members can also receive life insurance coverage for their family members. National Guard member's spouses are eligible for up to $100,000 under the Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance program.
  9. Home Loans. Guard members may be eligible for home loans from the Veterans Administration. Members who have served six or more years in the National Guard, or those with 90 days of continuous federal active-duty service are eligible for the Veterans Administration Home Loan Insurance Program.
  10. States benefits.  On top of the many federal benefits that National Guard enlistees are offered, Many states over their own benefits and incentive for those wishing to join the National Guard.

As you can see there are many National Guard Benefits that one should consider if they are thinking about joining the National Guard. The National Guard offers many incentives to those wishing to serve their country and is an extremely viable option for those wishing to enlist in military service.

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