Navy Seal Requirements

While the Navy Seal requirements are just as much intrinsic in nature as they are extrinsic, there are finite guidelines to joining this elite group of warriors. These men are the elite of the elite, and there brotherhood is not attained via weakness or anything less than 100 % commitment to the safety and security of our great nation. However, there are substantive elements in terms of Navy Seal requirements. They are as follows:

  1. High ASVAB Score. The Seals value intelligence as well as physical prowess. You must be an above average both in common sense and in academics to meet this portion of the Navy Seal requirements. You must either possess a total score of 165 in General Science, Mechanical Comprehension, and Electronic Information. 
  2. Physical Conditioning Test. An aspiring Navy Seal must be physically fit to perform the rigors of Seal duties on a daily basis. A series of pull ups, sit-ups, push-ups, and running is required, all within certain specified time limits. 
  3. Age. You must be between 18 and 28 to become a Navy Seal. However, if you may request a waiver if you do not meet this requirement. 
  4. Gender. Only men are allowed to become Seals. This is due to government regulation that prohibits women from direct ground combat. 
  5. Nationality and Citizenship. One must either be a citizen or national of the United States, or have obtained an approved green card to meet Navy Seal requirements.
  6. Vision.You should have at least 20/200 vision to apply for Navy Seal training. However, an individual may request an exception to this mandate by approved eye surgery, to meet this standard.
  7. Basic Underwater Demolition School.This famous six month, rigorous course takes a Seal recruit through various swimming, weapons, tactics, running, and obstacle course challenges that will test the limits of one's physical, mental, and emotional limits. After all, this is Guerilla warfare training, not a seminary.
  8. Parachute Training. The next step is to go through jump school in Sandi ego, CA. This culminates in a 9,500 free fall with full combat gear at the end of the training.
  9. Seal Qualification and Specialization Training. Once you have shown the ability to stand apart from the norm, an aspiring Navy Seal will undergo further transformation as he trains for specific jobs with the Seals, and continues to hone all those skills learned in BUDS. At the conclusion of this section of training, the warrior earns the coveted Seal Trident.
  10. Advanced Training and Placement with a Seal Team. This final phase of the Navy Seal requirements takes place within the form of an 18 month window, where individuals proceed through more training consisting of individual, unit, and task force team indoctrination. It is at this point where Seals can really specialize within the needs of the team, and their own talents and interests.

Becoming a Navy Seal takes a unique individual that can withstand the brutal training, commitment to Guerilla Warfare, and the high expectations that are associated with being an integral asset to such a unique breed of men. But if you have what it takes, you will be a part of a respected, honored, and rare group of men that protect this great nation and our freedom we all as U.S. citizens hold so dear.

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