Navy Seal Workout Routine

Navy Seal workout routine consists of various exercises regimen designed for body building and conditioning. Like any other workouts, the Navy Seal workout requires discipline, determination and commitment. The most common basic workout routines are integrated with physical exercises that require strength, power, and endurance.

You will need:

  • Running platform/area
  • Exercise mat
  • Weights: dumbbells and barbells
  • Pool
  • Bicycle
  1. Performing running exercises. Running exercises do not only strengthen the legs but is also good for the cardiovascular system. It helps in the regulation of the blood and also in building increased stamina for the body. One can try increments starting from a manageable distance for the first week then increasing as the week progresses.
  2. Building body strength through push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. These exercises do not only build strength for the arms and abdomen but they also increase the capacity and the responsiveness of the body towards repetitive movements. These are important especially in forming the build for the body. These three can be mixed in varying degree and frequencies in order to make the navy seal workout more interesting. These workouts can be performed on a mat or on a stable platform.
  3. Strengthening exercises. Most navy seal workout routine involving strengthening regimen use weights such as barbells and dumbbells. The amount of weights used depends on the strength capacity of the person and progresses in the number of frequency and intensity as their body gets conditioned gradually.
  4. Breathing training through swimming routines. Swimming is found to be very good for the lungs as it regulates the way we breathe. It is also a good form of exercise as one can perform different strokes in addition to the breathing exercise that one does underwater. This should be done in a pool for at least four to five days a week with the duration of the exercise increasing every week.
  5. Use bicycle as a substitute for swimming. In case when swimming exercises will not be possible, one can opt to ride a bicycle. Bicycle exercise is a good alternative for swimming but it may require twice the duration of time allotted for the workout than swimming to get the same training benefits.
  6. Navy Seal workout routine is composed of two categories. Category I is a preparatory stage for beginners that involves less strenuous activities. The workout routine usually takes 9 weeks of workout activities. Once category I is completed they can proceed to perform more difficult and intense Navy Seal workouts under category II when their body is already conditioned and ready to perform more strenuous exercises. 
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