NBA Championships By Team

Any comprehensive NBA championships by team list would include the last five teams to have been crowned NBA champions. This NBA champions list has an amazing lineup of talented players, a masterful coach and a rich heritage. With their telling victories, the teams on this list have not only been crowned world champions, they have also made history.

  1. Miami Heat Dirk Nowitzki and his Dallas Mavericks were obliterating the listless Miami Heat squad for two and a half games. The Mavericks took the first two games in Dallas and led the Heat by thirteen points in the fourth quarter with six minutes left on the clock. Unbelievably, the Heat managed to claw back and steal Game 3 from Dallas. The Mavericks went downhill after that loss with the Heat winning four straight games to clinch the 2006 NBA Championships. The win was the first for Dwyane Wade, who also won the Finals MVP plum for providing much of the Heat's offense.

  2. San Antonio Spurs Prior to snagging the 2007 NBA championship title, the Spurs were already proven winners taking home the trophy in 2005, 2003 and 1999. Led by the near-superhuman efforts of Tim Duncan, the Spurs had been a force to be reckoned with in recent years. The 2007 NBA Championships pitted San Antonio Spurs against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Spurs had a solid lineup with Duncan, Ginobili and Parker leading the pack. Cleveland, on the other hand, relied heavily on the phenomenal LeBron James. The Cavaliers had a terrific regular season and solid playoff run, but the veteran savvy of the Spurs were simply too much for them to handle. Even with the league MVP in LeBron James leading the Cavalier's attack, the Spurs could not be denied, sweeping Cleveland in four games.

  3. Boston Celtics Paul Pierce simply did not have enough firepower for the Celtics to be a true contender. The 2008 season however ushered in a new era for Boston. Thanks to a blockbuster trade, Pierce was now joined by Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. With three All-Stars in their lineup, the Celtics had a fantastic regular season and entered the playoffs as the team with the best record in the league. They took on the Lakers, who had their own talented trio of Odom, Gasol and Bryant. Even with Bryant's exploits though, the Los Angeles Lakers simply did not have enough to stop the Boston's surge. The Celtics took the series 4-2 for Boston's first win since the Larry Bird era in 1986.

  4. Los Angeles Lakers The Lakers has been the team to beat the last few years. They lost the NBA Finals in 2008 against the Boston Celtics but managed to come out on top in 2009 against the Orlando Magic. The 2009 NBA Finals featured both the Lakers and the Celtics once again and Kobe Bryant was itching for payback. Although the Celtics had the same core that won them the 2008 NBA Championships, they were a very old team. Their vaunted trio of Garnett, Pierce and Allen were already in their mid-30s. Compared to their Eastern Conference rivals, the Lakers had a younger and healthier lineup. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol led the scoring and the burly Andrew Bynum made his presence felt in the shaded area. Although it was a tightly contested series, in the end, the Lakers simply had too much and won 4-3.

  5. Dallas Mavericks The Mavericks with it's aging lineup finally won a championship in 2011 NBA Championships against the star studded Miami Heat. Dirk Nowitzki was spectacular on offense but he was ably supported by his teammates. The ageless Jason Kidd did not light up the scoreboards but was the perfect quarterback for the Mavericks. Against the Heat, they managed to overcome their opponent's potent scoring by playing aggressive team defense. Nowitzki also proved that he belonged to the upper echelon of basketball greats by carrying his team during crucial stretches in the latter parts of several key games. On the other hand, the much-heralded LeBron James was almost a non-entity when it mattered most. The result was a shocking 4-2 series for Dallas.   

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