NBA Players That Smoke Cigarettes

The best NBA players that smoke cigarettes remind you that even all-powerful sports stars are mere mortals with personal foibles after all. Smoking is such an unattractive habit, what with all the nicotine stains and yellow teeth and all. Yet for some people, including NBA players, it is something that they just cannot shake. Maybe someone should turn them on to nicotine patches or something instead?

  1. Charles Barkley. The NBA's reigning bad boy during his sixteen years playing for the league, Sir Charles was often seen in pictures smoking cigarettes and the occasional cigar, too. If that isn't enough, Charles Barkley even admitted in a 2005 interview with Fox Sports Radio that he used to light up the occasional marijuana joint during his playing days, even admitting that he sometimes played under the influence of marijuana. Well, Sir Charles definitely ain't no role model; that's for sure, kids!
  2. Vlade Divac. The former European basketball player, Vlade Divac, confessed to being a smoker in the past; this confession came during an interview with Dan Patrick for ESPN from 2001. Before anyone goes beating up on Vlade Divac for admitting to a disgusting habit, you should remember that good old Vlade never even smoked one pack per day. In fact, in his words, he only smoked about ten cigarettes a day! Well, bravo, Vlade, bravo, because smoking an entire pack would be so much worse than smoking…only ten a day.
  3. Bob Cousy. NBA fans today likely have forgotten-it's doubtful that they ever knew of-former NBA player Bob Cousy since he played back in the 1950s for teams like the Boston Celtics. It's hilarious to see a then-famous NBA player like Bob Cousy actually making an advertisement promoting Kent Cigarettes, but exactly this he did, appearing as Kent Cigarettes' face for a time in the 1960s. It's great that the NBA has so many better role models for kids these days, role models like Dennis Rodman and Allen Iverson!
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