Need For Speed Carbon Cheats

"Need for Speed: Carbon" cheats allows PS2 gamers a fighting chance through the winding streets of Palmont City to earn respect from other racing factions and help out Darius. PS2 gamers must negotiate the hard races from Downtown to Kempton to Fortuna in order to obtain territory as well as clues to the mystery surrounding their initial trip from Palmont City. Hot cars and even hotter ex-girlfriend Nikki pushes PS2 gamers to the limit as they compete to own the roads of Palmont City and regain the reputation lost in the beginning. The challenges will come fast and furious as many racing factions will do everything in their power to derail gamers' climb to the top of the heap. The cheats for "Need for Speed: Carbon" betters the odds for PS2 gamers who want to become the best of the best of Palmont City streets.

  1. Gain Extra Cash. Running a top notch vehicle cost a ton of cash to compete in "Need for Speed: Carbon." Input the following code in the cheat menu: "DOWN, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, SQUARE, TRIANGLE" to increase the one's bank roll. Now, the driver has the cash flow to keep his ride looking awesome with the best parts. 
  2. Infinite Nitro. A race can be won by the slimest of margins and the closest seconds throughout "Need for Speed: Carbon." Input the following code in the cheat menu: "LEFT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, SQUARE" to have an unlimited boost. Winning races are much easier to overcome the tough racing factions in Palmont City.
  3. Infinite Crew Charge. The helpful crews lends a hand during the races in "Need for Speed: Carbon." Input the following code in the cheat menu: "DOWN, UP, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE" to gain their expertise. Their excellent work will have no limits just like the potential to own all the turf against any of the hardened street crews. 
  4. Access Special Vinyl. The car makes the man so a few decals wouldn't hurt to separate you from the pack. Input the following code in the cheat menu: "UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP, SQUARE" to add a special vinyl to your collection. "Need for Speed: Carbon" is all about looking good as well as feeling good in the winner's circle.



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