Neil Lane Engagement Rings

Neil Lane engagement rings are some of the most classy, beautiful, and glamorous rings you can find. You want only the best for your darling sweetheart, and Neil Lane has created a line of truly unique, contemporary, and vintage-style engagement rings that the love of your life is sure to adore. Below are a few of the best engagement rings you can find from the Neil Lane collection. 

  1. 14K white gold 5/8 carat diamond ring. This beautiful diamond ring retails at about $2,299, and is worth every penny. It is crafted with a timeless design and has a unique Hollywood vintage feel about it. If you are looking for a simple, elegant engagement ring that makes a statement, this ring is perfect. 
  2. 1 5/8 carat diamond engagement ring. This contemporary yet classic beauty of a ring is truly one of the most breathtaking engagement rings you can find. Selling at about $5,500, this ring features two rows of diamonds circling a stunningly beautiful diamond circle in the center. 
  3. 14K white gold 1 1/2 carat diamond ring. This elegantly designed ring looks like it is made specially for a princess, and the one you love is sure to be in awe over the beauty of this ring. And at only $4,499, you can have this ring that is perfect in every way. 
  4. 1 1/6 carat diamond bridal set. This truly beautiful engagement ring by Neil Lane will take you back to the old glamour of Hollywood. Lovely diamonds are weaved in a pattern around a stunning diamond center. This ring is about $2,999, and is perfect for the one you love the most.
  5. 1 1/5 carat diamond engagement ring. This simple, yet elegant and timeless ring is intricately designed by Neil Lane, and gives off the feeling of vintage Hollywood style. At about $3,899, you can purchase this stunning diamond ring and bring tears of joy to your loved one. 
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