Nevada: How To Hunt Coyote

Looking for directions on how to hunt coyotes in Nevada? Nevada is a huge state, and most of the state is public land. That means that coyotes have plenty of room to roam around. Hunting coyotes in Nevada can be a fun experience, but it will also be a very challenging one.

  1. Picking a Site. By far the hardest aspect of hunting coyotes in Nevada is picking a site. Nevada is full of cattle ranches. Coyotes love to hunt cattle, so you should try to locate a site that is by a cattle ranch. Your best bet may be to give a cattle ranch a call and ask them if they would allow you on their property to hunt coyote. If they say no, you will need to find a site that is located by a cattle ranch, but is on public property. Once you select a general area to hunt coyotes in, look for an elevated area so that you have a wider view of the property.
  2. Calling Coyotes. When hunting coyotes in Nevada, one of the best ways to attract coyotes is to use some sort of calling device. You can purchase cassette tapes or CDs that are preloaded with sounds like coyotes howling or rabbits and deer making noise. Another option when hunting coyotes in Nevada is to go the old fashioned route and use mouth blown calls. You can purchase callers that imitate animals in distress or coyotes howling. The nice thing about mouth blown callers is that they are small and compact, so you can carry a variety of them with you.


There may be counties in Nevada that do not allow the use of electronic callers, such as cassette tapes and CDs. Always check with the game association in Nevada for the laws for the area you wish to hunt coyotes in.

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