Never Have I Ever Questions

You need to use great "Never have I Ever" questions to have as much silly fun as possible with the drinking game. Sometimes, you ask questions that everybody can answer with a yes. Sometimes, you go for the ones that people will accidentally answer yes, and sometimes, you just go for the comic effect. Other times, you want a question that's a little bit unexpected or deep. Use the suggestions here for a rollicking good drinking game the next time you play "Never Have I Ever."

  1. Sex Questions. Try these out just to get everybody loosened up, embarrassed, and confessing. "Never have I ever had a one night stand." "Never have I ever slept with siblings." "Never have I ever given somebody a hickey." "Never have I ever had sex outdoors." "Never have I ever had sex that hurt."
  2. Gross Questions. These make everybody wince and go eeeeewwww, because of grossness. However, that's just why you want to ask these"Never Have I Ever" questions. "Never have I ever picked my nose and eaten it." "Never have I ever pooped on pavement." "Never have I ever peed in somebody's yard." "Never have I ever worn the same old dirty underwear for more than 2 days." Never have I ever eaten something with mold on it."
  3. Silly Questions. Silly "Never Have I Ever" questions surprise you and make your buds start snorting beer out their noses. Try these. "Never have I ever been abducted by aliens." "Never have I ever done armpit farts in public." "Never have I ever danced drunk on top of furniture." "Never have I ever said the tongue twister, 'How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?' ten times fast."
  4. Philosophical Questions. These are actually serious; sort of. "Never have I ever walked an old lady across the street." "Never have I ever gone to church or temple." "Never have I ever registered to vote." "Never have I ever cheated on a test in school." "Never have I ever lied to my mother." "Never have I ever believed in reincarnation." "Never have I ever been drunk with my parents."
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