New Inventions 2010

If you're looking to find some of the best new inventions of 2010, then this list of wildly amazing gadgets should be enough to get you excited. 2010 was a milestone year for popular technological gadgets, a breakthrough in many areas. From jetpacks to robotic lifeguards to even iPads and beyond. There's definitely no argument about an exciting 21st century ahead when it comes to looking back on these hot new gadgets from 2010.

  1. iPad. Microsoft may have had its own stab at the Tablet PC but Apple took the concept and turned it into gold with the iPad, one of the best new inventions of 2010. Apple has made this tablet computer to be extremely finger-friendly, making it the most popular gadget on the list.
  2. Martin Jetpack. Imagine humans replacing bicycles and scooters with jetpacks one day. It's very possible, considering the development of the Martin Jetpack, one of the coolest new inventions of 2010. The jetpack concept has been in development since the 1960s and has progressed considerably. This jetpack comes with a 200-horsepower engine and a carbon-fiber composite frame, that is capable of lifting users high of their feet.
  3. Spray-On Fabric. What if clothing can come out of a can just like whip cream or cheese? The Spray-On Fabric makes that possibility a reality. Perhaps one of the most interesting new inventions of 2010, the Spray-On Fabric manages to connect fibers that would allow textiles to spray onto one's body from a can. 
  4. Lifeguard Robot. One of the best new inventions of 2010 is EMILY, also known as the Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard, a robot-buoy that has the ability to swim through rough waters at a speed of more than twenty-miles-per-hour, certainly much faster than most human lifeguards.
  5. Improved 3-D glasses. If you've seen the blockbuster movie that was "Avatar," then you've probably already seen this one coming a long time ago. Thanks to "Avatar," improved 3-D glasses are one of the best new inventions of 2010. These new specs can correct lenses and eliminate ghosting among other movie viewing opitcal issues.
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