New Year’s Eve Food: Simple Hot Dogs

When it comes to New Year's Eve food, simple hot dogs can actually be a fun and delicious choice. These don't just have to be the same old hot dogs you've had before. Consider spicing up a simple hot dog with some of these hot dog-transforming ideas.

  1. A hot dog bar lets everyone choose what they want. As the host, lay out as many different condiments as you can think of. Start with the traditional ketchup, mustard and relish, then clean out the fridge of just about everything on the shelf. Guests can make exactly what they want, everyone is happy and you have it pretty easy.
  2. Chili dogs are an easy upgrade from plain hot dogs. Just add chili for the guests to pour over the dog. Consider putting out a few different types of chili for people to try. Be aware that this is a much messier version of the hot dog, so have plenty of napkins for everyone.
  3. Sonoran dogs are a favorite in the southwest. Wrap the hot dog with bacon and cook it on the grill. Next, place it in the bun and add shredded cheese, salsa, onions, jalapenos and tomatoes. These hot dogs can be spicy or mild, depending on what you put on top.
  4. Offering a variety of buns and bread is another way to offer your guest choices. Pick up whole wheat, white, seven grain and potato hot dog rolls. See sub sandwich bread at the grocery store? Pick some up and lay it out for guests. This is another great way to ensure that your guests' New Year's Eve food is exactly what they want.
  5. Pick up different varieties of hot dogs for New Year's Eve. You can find turkey dogs, veggie dogs, chicken dogs as well as different lengths of hot dogs. Need even more variety? Think about picking up some bratwurst or sausage. These can easily pass for special hot dogs at your New Year's Eve event.
  6. Corn dogs are batter-dipped hot dogs that are cooked in oil until a crispy, breaded covering is formed. This type of hot dog will take more time, but it tastes great and you can use all of the same condiments as you would for a regular dog. You will need some type of a stick to place inside the hot dog that will be used as a way for your guests to hold their corn dogs.
  7. Tortilla dogs are simple to make. Take a cooked hot dog and place it at the edge of the tortilla. Begin to roll the hot dog until all of the tortilla is used. If you want to add any ketchup, salsa or other topping, place it in the tortilla before rolling. This hot dog is eaten just like a burrito.
  8. If kids will be around for the New Year's Eve festivities, you can't go wrong with hot dogs cut up in macaroni and cheese. This pairs two of kids' all time favorite foods together into one delicious meal. Be sure to cut the hot dog up well so there is no chance of anyone choking.
  9. Add hot dogs to the pork and beans. You may be surprised to find that this typically child-friendly meal is also loved by adults. Just cut up pieces of hot dog and add them to pork and beans from the can. Not too much extra work, but a whole new side dish.
  10. Pigs in a blanket are easy and can be used as an appetizer or as part of the main course. Open a car of refrigerated croissants. Separate the triangles and wrap the base around the hot dog. Continue wrapping until the last corner of the croissant is wrapped. Bake these in the oven and place on a tray as finger food.
New Year's Eve food with simple hot dogs will work well with any type of party or get together you are planning. Happy New Year!



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