New York Boroughs

There are five New York Boroughs, also called New York City Boroughs, all in close proximity to one another in the state of New York near the Atlantic Ocean. Each of the NY boroughs are located in different counties and have a style and personality that is unique and sustainable on their own.

  1. Brooklyn in King’s County. Brooklyn borough has the largest population with over 2.5 million residents. It maintains a distinct culture with a unique architectural heritage and an independent art scene and community. Some ethnic enclaves in Brooklyn are Dutch, Native American, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Chinese, African-American and Hispanic-American. Many have shifted into other neighborhoods creating a balanced equilibrium of culture.  The Brooklyn Bridge-finished in 1883-was of great convenience for commuters to and from Manhattan and is a popular sightseeing landmark.
  2. Queens in Queens County. Located on the western portion of Long Island, this is the largest borough and second most populated. La Guardia airport and JFK International Airport–the busiest one in the nation for foreign travel–are in Queens. The economy here relies on tourism, film industry and trade; they are the home of the New York Mets baseball team. There is a long list of neighborhoods that are the home of foreign immigrant descendants. Flushing has a large Asian population, Astoria has the largest Greek residency outside of Greece and Rockaway Beach has a significant Irish populate-just to mention a few.
  3. Staten Island in Richmond County. This is one of the smallest New York boroughs and yet some of the major attractions are located here. A quiet area that is a favorite among suburban dwellers as a place of respite. Staten Island Ferry’s can be seen on the Hudson River cruising to  and from Manhattan throughout the day. Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art, the Botanical Gardens, Children’s Museum, September 11th Memorial and the Staten Island Zoo are well-known spots that makes this a favorite sightseeing destination.
  4. Manhattan in New York County. Most visitors to New York are most familiar with “The Big Apple.” There are many museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and famous places such as, Rockefeller Center and Empire State Building to stroll around in. Central Park is one of the largest, planned parks in the world with 250 acres of lawn, 150 acres of lakes and streams, 130 acres of woodlands and 24,000 trees; a superb place in the middle of the city to relax and enjoy life. The theater plays and operas, diverse and delicious food, shopping and vibrant energy of Manhattan makes this a popular vacation destination. Once you experience the excitement and authenticity-you will be hooked.
  5. The Bronx in Bronx County. This is the northernmost borough located primarily on the mainland with a population of 1.4 million. South Bronx has been a center for manufacturing pianos and was the site of over 63 piano factories in 1919 creating thousands of jobs in the area. However, it went from middle-class to lower-class from 1950 to 1979 with high crime-rates and poverty until it’s re-stabilization in 1980. Community members, churches and organizations have worked tirelessly to stimulate the Bronx’s economy and environmental infrastructure by creating affordable housing and jobs.



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