Nice Things To Say To Your Girlfriend


Oh, we know you've said plenty of bad things, so you'll definitely are going to need some nice things to say to your girlfriend to make up for those moments you had on your mean pants. After all, she's put up with a lot from you. You didn't notice she changed her hair, you've made that offhand comment about her sister, and don't forget about the way you ignore her during fantasy football season. So make it up to her with a few small phrases that are sure to at least somewhat make up for your moments of being an a-hole.

  1. "You look beautiful." – Yes we all know about those other three little words, but face it, this sounds a little more sincere, especially when she isn't expecting it. Use this phrase on any ordinary day and we guarantee it will keep you in her arms (and out of the doghouse). Use with caution though. Anything close to a sarcastic tone means you'll be sleeping on the couch tonight.
  2. "So, what do you want to do tonight?" – The trick to saying nice things to your girlfriend is to be subtle. Anything over the top sends a girl into alarm mode. So with this simple phrase you're placing her needs in front of your own. Yeah, it may mean you have to go the occasional chick flick or quilting festival but the long term rewards are far worth it. Throwing the remote control her way every once in a while works too.
  3. "I couldn't stop thinking of you today." – OK, again, this is one to be used sparingly. It's a nice thing to say, it's simple, it lets your girlfriend know you care about her. But if you go on and on about how you were thinking of her every second of every single day and you swear you saw her face in your grilled cheese sandwich…well, you've just entered creepy town. Population you. There's a fine line between romance and "the call is coming from inside the house". Know when to stop.
  4. "You drive me crazy." – Yes, we've got the romantic ones out of the way now it's time for the passion play. Saying this while deeply in the throes of passion will make any girl sigh. Just look at any given cover of Cosmo and there are always stories about "how to drive your man crazy". Use this phrase to let your girlfriend know you’re crazy about her both mentally and physically and good things are sure to happen. You know what we mean.
  5. "I'm the luckiest guy in the world!" – 'Cause you are. You've got a woman. Now keep saying nice things to her and keep her!
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