Nickelback Albums

Nickelback albums have been topping the charts for over a decade. The band has developed a reputation for following a songwriting style in all of their albums but, when it ain't broke, don't fix it. People have been buying millions of Nickelback albums for years.

  1. "Curb" (1996). This is one of the two early Nickelback albums that never gets the attention it deserves. This album is what made Nickelback a success in its native Canada, and created a cult following in the United States. The songs "Pusher" (1996) and "Curb" (1996) really show the range and diversity that Nickelback is capable of. This is primarily a hard-rocking album, but it does have its moments of thoughtful brilliance.
  2. "The State" (2000). This is the Nickelback album that started to launch the band into superstardom. But, it is also the other early album that never seems to get the respect it deserves. Songs like "Leader of Men" (2000), "Old Enough" (2000) and "Deep" (2000) helped to widen the Nickelback audience in Canada and the United States. For all of its great music, "The State" peaked at 130 on the US album charts and barely went gold in Canada.
  3. "Silver Side Up" (2001). The success of "The State" got Nickelback signed to a major label contract with Roadrunner Records, and that is what catapulted the band into superstar status. The hit single "How You Remind Me" (2001) was one of the most heavily played song on FM radio in the United States for 2001. The album went number one in five countries, but not the United States. The single "How You Remind Me" did rocket to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts.
  4. "The Long Road" (2003). By the time Nickelback released "The Long Road," their successful songwriting formula was in full effect. This Nickelback album sounded a lot like "Silver Side Up" and that is just what Nickelback fans wanted. The album peaked at number six on the US album charts but went to number one in Canada. There were several bonus tracks and different versions of songs released in various countries and even through different North American retail outlets. For example, if fans bought the album from, they were rewarded with three tracks that were not on the version found in stores.
  5. "All the Right Reasons" (2005). With "All the Right Reasons," Nickelback finally reached the number one spot on the US album chart. The album also went number one in Canada and New Zealand. Once again, Nickelback chose to release different versions of this album through various retail outlets. The version sold in Wal-Mart stores had a live version of the hit song "Never Again" (2001). The band also released a limited edition combo pack which had the album along with several bonus track and a live DVD.
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