Nickleback Songs

The best Nickelback songs can stretch across genres. Country fans as well as good old rock and roll fans can enjoy the music and words that make up a Nickelback song. Nickelback songs are ones with meaning and intrigue. The songs actually make you want to hear more of their work to see what direction their music may be going in next. Deep and emotional or smart and smutty their songs will make you sing along.

  1. “Never Again” is a Nickelback song about an abusive relationship where a son presumably sees his mother being abused by his father, who is a drunk. At the end she has had enough and shoots him so that this never happens again.
  2. “Photograph” takes you back to your high school days remembering how things were, who your friends were, and the good times you used to have.
  3. “Something In Your Mouth” is the thought that every man has–what woman wouldn't look cuter with something in her mouth. It lets the imagination run wild and the senses soar. The song has a catchy beat to go along with the imaginative words. And we have to wonder what exactly does she have in her mouth.
  4. “Rockstar” takes you back to the time that you lived on hopes and dreams. Planning your future and all the things you wanted out of life. All the things that you would get when you became a “Rockstar” or even just someone of great importance and wealth to enjoy all the great luxuries life has to offer.
  5. “How You Remind Me” takes us back to that one significant other who thought we could never do anything right. And they never did anything wrong. Never apologizing or always making up excuses for their bad behavior and blaming it on others. A meaningful song with a catchy beat makes this one of the best Nickelback songs.
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