Nightclub City Cheats

Are you looking for some "Nightclub City" cheats? "Nightclub City" is one of the many games that you can play on the popular social network, Facebook. The game has players own a nightclub in which they cater to guests, party animals, celebrities, and others, gaining points and money as their DJ spins the songs the patrons want to hear. There is are different ways to build your reputation for your club with these tips.

  1. Buy the iSpin DJ system.  Having this item means that you can play your set of songs for 24/7, even if you are signed out of the game. This will help to level your character.
  2. Buy the Bar Storage.  This allows for additional drinks to flow in your club, meaning that more and more people will purchase, making your club more money. Again, this will also help to level your character.
  3. Book 3 Celebs Cheat.  This cheat requires that you have $500,000 already, but it can net you 1 million. Book the standard daily 3 celebs and then two $50,000. You'll earn back your $500,000. Continue this by booking more of the $50,000 celebrities in counts of five.
  4. Increase Luxury. To increase your luxuy bonuses, increase the amount of items of leather within your club, such as the booths.
  5. Get Celebs.  The best way on getting your club to be popular, is to get celebs to become regulars at your club. They will then stop by unexpectantly and of course, having a bunch of celebrities in your club will make it popular.

These are only some of the Nightclub City cheats that can use to help expand your club and thus get more and more people in it.

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