Nike Lacrosse Cleats For Beginners

These Nike lacrosse cleats for beginners are no laughing matter. Nike puts put the best in athletic shoes and lacrosse cleats are no exception. The five best beginner cleats are affordable and high quality. These lacrosse cleats are geared for success and the wearer will be quite pleased.

  1. Nike Chrome Vapor LX TD Lacrosse Cleats: These are great cleats at any level of lacrosse. The lightweight construction keeps speed on the field and maneuverability a breeze. The tight construction ensures the cleat will stay on your feet and provide the balance and platform you need to succeed. Built with durability in mind these cleats are long range use and will take the beginner to the next level.
  2. Nike Huarache Mid Chrome Lacrosse Cleats: Made from synthetic leather but boasting unsurpassed durability, these cleats are made to last. The lightweight construction and offset laces are all part of the over all success of the comfort fit cleat. The cleats are built wide and center tight to match the needs of any surface. This is a very durable and practical cleat for the beginner lacrosse player.
  3. Nike Zoom Lacrosse Cleats: Built to meet the fast pace of lacrosse and the demands of its players, the Zoom is well constructed with a high balance for ankle protection to support the player’s movement. The cleats are set for multi surface use making this a single stop cleat. The overall design is sharp looking and made from genuine material offering durability and lightweight construction.
  4. Nike Air Speed Destroyer 5/8 Lacrosse Cleats: Geared towards the indoor or turn lacrosse player, these beginners cleats are valued price and provide top notch features. The study out sole keeps the feet planted atop angled cleats. The comfort fit provides a comfortable setting for the beginning lacrosse player. The classic look of these cleats is a nice draw back to earlier days. The construction is well defined for lacrosse and meets the demands of the game.
  5. Nike Speedlax II Lacrosse Cleats: Another well manufactured beginners cleat that has the traditional cleat look. The high grade material is lightweight and allows the foot to breathe. The insole is durably fashioned and offers arch support and added toe padding to keep the foot comfortable and safe. This is a very well defined cleat that is ideal for the lacrosse player feeling his way around the game.
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