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The 5 best Nike quotes are a small part of the beautiful campaigns that Nike launches from time to time. Advertising is considered to be a major means of marketing a product.  Each advertisement has something to look out for and that alone is enough to seal the fact that Nike is one of the best marketing specialists today.  With a swoosh logo that speaks of ‘everything correct’ when it comes to ad campaigns, no one does it better than Nike. Their product logos have become an anthem among the target audience.

  1. "It’s right to buy it… Just do it." This will go down as one of the most aggressive but subtle marketing strategy from Nike in the annals of advertising history. Can a customer refuse, when the company asserts repeatedly about its product being the best to buy?
  1. "Greatness is earned, never awarded." Here, we do not have a direct but an indirect marketing strategy from Nike. Inspirational quotes like the one above have always tilted the scales in favor of the product as buyers often buy apparel for their tag line value. An impressive way to increase sales!
  1. "My better is better than your better." Now, this is one superb tag-line that would catch the fancy of almost everyone around. Great to use in advertisement clippings and as T-shirt logos, one-liners like these end up in Nike products being sold like hot pancakes.
  1. "The only one who can tell you, 'You cannot do it,' is you. But you don’t have to listen."  Nike specializes in sportswear and hence, creating slogans that players would identify and relate with is of paramount importance. The wonderful one-liner above is inspirational but not in a preachy way. A quote well said!
  1. "I am a woman. Watch me score." With a view to increasing female clientele, Nike has managed to capture feminists and purists alike by insisting on equality of the sexes, one of the most favorite topics for debate throughout the world. Such a marketing strategy from Nike ensures that sports women are given due consideration too.
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