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Don't worry if you don't have time to finish all six seasons of "Nip Tuck" as the following "Nip Tuck" spoilers will definitely solve all the questions you have about what happened to Christian Troy and Sean McNamara. 'Nip Tuck' is created by producer Ryan Murphy and was aired on FX Network. The first season began in 2003, and ended with the 100th episode in 2010. The following 'Nip Tuck' spoilers will significantly reduce the suspense and mystery of the show. 

  1. Matt's biological father. One of the most shocking 'Nip Tuck' spoilers may be the fact that Matt McNamara is not Sean's biological son. Seventeen years ago, Julia had a one-night-stand with Christian and became pregnant with Matt. She reveals the secret in Season two, that leads to the collapse of the McNamara family as Sean and Julia briefly separate. 
  2. Ava Moore's true self. In Season two, Matt is devastated when he finds out that he has been living a lie. He develops a relationship with Julia's life coach Ava Moore, who is old enough to be his mother. One of the biggest 'Nip Tuck' spoilers is that Ava Moore is in fact a transsexual who has yet to undergo the final step of surgery. 
  3. The carver's identity. The carver's identity clouds the mind of many people in Season three, and thus one of the biggest "Nip Tuck" spoilers will be  exposing who the carver really is. At the end of the season, Sean and Christian's new partner Dr. Quentin Costa turns out to be the carver who has mutilated and raped many young women in Miami.
  4. Nip/Tuck characters in 2026. In the11th episode of Season four, the show reveals what will happen to all main characters in 2026, and thus this is probably one of the most influential 'Nip Tuck' spoilers.  The episode focuses on Conor McNamara, who after twenty years decides to undergo surgery to reconstruct his birth defect. Sean and Julia were distant to each other, while Christian remains a womanizer. Matt, on the other hand, becomes a successful surgeon and has served at Doctors without Border. Annie McNamara, however, became a moody and angry 30 year-old. 
  5. Christian's relationships.  As a womanizer, Christian has always been engaging in casual sexual relations. However, he does have several significant relationships. In Season three, he dated a blind woman, guest-starred by Rebecca Gayheart, who was once his patient. Christian's on-and-off relationship with Kimber has led to a wedding in Season three before Kimber gets abducted by the carver. In Season five, Christian marries Liz Cruz after hearing bad news on his cancer prognosis. 
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