Nipple Piercing Care

They look and feel great, but it's important you take proper nipple piercing care after you have this part of your body pierced. Preliminary healing takes around six to ten weeks, but it could take as long as a year for the piercing to be completely healed. Nipple piercing care is not difficult, but, there are several things that you need to make sure that you do.

To properly care for newly pierced nipples, you will need:

  • mild soap
  • ice
  • Ibuprofen
  • saline solution

Proper nipple piercing care:

  1. If your piercing is bandaged, remove the bandage as soon as you get home and wash your nipple piercing in the shower. Make a cup with your hand below each nipple and allow the piercing to soak in the hot water. This part of your nipple piercing care helps prevent any sort of discharge from building up on the piercing.
  2. Do not allow the area to become swollen. You can cut down on pain and swelling by taking Ibuprofen and putting ice on your new nipple piercing care.
  3. Wash your nipple piercing two to three times a day. You can do this with saline solution, or mild soap and water. Make sure you remove any crust or discharge as part of your daily nipple piercing care.
  4. Turn the jewelry in the nipple piercing two to three times a day. Move it only back and forward. Do not slide it side to side, since this can cause dirt or other matter to be dragged inside the nipple piercing and can cause infection.

Tips and warnings:

  • If you experience an allergic reaction to anything that you are putting on your piercing, stop using it immediately and see your doctor.
  • If your piercing becomes infected, see a doctor immediately. Do not remove the jewelry unless directed to do so by your doctor, as infection could become trapped in the piercing if jewelry is taken out too soon.
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