No Holds Barred Wrestling Moves

Which no holds barred wrestling moves you are allowed to use will largely depend on which organization you are competing in. "No holds barred wrestling", "submission grappling", "catch wrestling", and so on are generally synonymous (or at least similar) terms for grappling competitions that allow a variety of chokeholds and joint locks in addition to the takedowns, pins, etc. used in freestyle, folkstyle and similar styles of wrestling. Competitors can win no holds barred wrestling via points for controlling positions, but they also can win instantly when they secure a hold tightly enough to force their opponent to tap out. Some of the best moves to accomplish this are listed below.

  1. Anaconda. You can perform an anaconda choke after successfully sprawling on your opponent's single or double leg takedown attempt. After your opponent's forward motion stops, slide your left arm next to your opponent's neck and out under his left armpit. Grab your right bicep with your left hand, then lock your right hand against either your opponent's back or your own head. Roll your body underneath your opponent while holding the grip tightly, forcing him to turn to his side, then gradually walk your hips closer to him. This forces his head (which is against your chest) down into the choke, forcing him to tap or else be choked unconscious.
  2. Guillotine. After securing a front headlock, you can transition to a guillotine choke. If your left hand is controlling your opponent's chin, drive your left forearm across his throat. Grab the blade of your left hand with all five fingers of your right hand, then throw your legs around your opponent into a high guard position (as close to his shoulders as possible). Finally, pull up with your arms and shoulder while stretching your opponent out with your legs, driving your forearm into his windpipe.
  3. Bent armlock. From the mount position, place both of your hands on your opponent's right forearm. Keep your elbows straight and drop your weight on his forearm, pinning it to the matt. Drop your right elbow to the matt, right next to your opponent's head. Control his arm with your right hand and slide your left hand underneath his upper arm until you can grab your own right wrist with your left hand. To finish, press down with your right hand while lifting your left elbow up, locking out your opponent's right shoulder. They will be forced to tap out or else suffer serious injury to their shoulder.
  4. Sleeper. While controlling your opponent's back, slide your left arm under your opponent's chin until you can grab your right bicep (your opponent's chin should be in the crook of your left elbow). Slide your right hand and forearm in front of your own chest behind your opponent's head. Press forward with your right hand while pulling your left arm and shoulders back and down, cutting off the carotid arteries on either side of your opponent's neck, forcing them to tap out.
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