Nokia 1661: How To Check Voicemail

An important manual topic for new Nokia 1661 users is how to check voicemail. Voicemail is a vital part of your every day life. Without this much needed cellular service you will miss important messages.

Things you'll need:

  • Nokia 1661 cell phone
  1. Set up your Nokia 1661 voicemail. Turn on your cell phone. Press the "Voicemail" button on the left side of the menu button. You will be asked to set up an outgoing message in which your callers will hear the moment your voicemail service picks up. Record this message and press the button that corresponds with save. You will then asked to set up a security code for your voicemail service. This code is any four digit number you like. Press the number that corresponds with save.
  2. Press the "Voicemail" button. Your Nokia 1661 will call your voicemail installed by your cellular service provider. The phone number for your voicemail will display on your Nokia cell phone screen. If you find yourself in a non-coverage area and need to check your voicemail messages, you can call this toll free number from any land line phone and retrieve your messages.
  3. Enter the security code you set up in step one when prompted to do so. Remember, if you write this number down for later reference, keep it in a safe place. Disregarding this warning may result in others gaining access to your voicemail messages. This can also result in this violator stealing information from these messages to use in identity theft. You can also become locked out of your own voicemail service.
  4. Press "One" to listen to your new messages. All of your messages will begin playing. You are given the option after each message play is complete to save or delete your voicemail messages.
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