Nokia 2600: How To Take Off Back Cover

Need tips for Nokia 2600: how to take off back cover? Have you ever wondered how to take off the back cover of your Nokia 2600? Nokia phones were made for style and easy usage. After you figure out how to use the phone with its many features, you may want to figure out how to manage the outside parts of the phone, like removing the back cover. Taking off the back cover of a Nokia 2600 is useful for a couple of reasons. First, if you have to replace the battery for any reason, removing the back cover is the only way to access the battery. Another reason anyone would need to take off the back cover is to change the SIM card. The SIM card is a small removable memory chip that is used to store the phones memory.

  1. Clean off the back cover of the Nokia 2600. Doing this will prevent dirt and debris from getting into the back of the phone when the back cover is removed.  
  2. Find the button on the top of the back cover of your Nokia 2600. This button is also called the “back cover release button”.
  3. Push the cover release button on the Nokia 2600. Make sure the button is pushed all the way down before proceeding. If the button is not pushed all the way it can ruin the back cover or the button while taking off the back cover.
  4. Pull the back cover up then push down after the button is passed. This needs to be done so the hardware on the bottom of the phone doesn’t get ruined when taking off the back cover.



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