Nokia 3586: How To Take Off Battery Cover

Here are instructions for your Nokia 3586: how to take off the battery cover. Taking off the battery cover on the Nokia 3586 is essential if you need to remove or replace the battery. You might also need to access the Nokia's SIM card, which is conveniently stored behind the battery cover, right next to the battery. The battery cover is held in place by a small, locking tab. Removing cover is simply a matter of disengaging the tab.

  1. Turn the Nokia 3586 off. Press and hold the "End" button for a few seconds to power the phone off. It's best to remove the battery cover only when the phone is turned off.
  2. Place the face down on a table. Place the Nokia 3586 with the keypad facing down to access the battery cover. The battery cover is located on the back of the device.
  3. Locate the tab release. Look on the bottom half of the Nokia, with the antenna pointed away from you. The small button on the bottom is the locking tab.
  4. Remove the battery cover. Push in the locking tab with your finger. While pushing the tab down, slide your finger toward the antenna to slide the battery cover off of the Nokia 3586.
  5. Replace the battery cover. Start with the battery cover near the antenna. Slide the battery cover down toward the bottom half of the Nokia 3586. Once you reach the bottom, the battery cover locks into place. It's not necessary to press the locking tab to replace the battery cover.

Warning: Never attempt to modify or open the Nokia's battery. The battery contains dangerous chemicals.

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