Nokia 6101: How To Vibrate

Setting a Nokia 6101 to vibrate can be a complicated task when one is unsure of the phone itself.  If anyone knows someone with this model, they will know that setting it to vibrate can be a real pain before getting to know what the phone is all about. After recognizing the phone though, figuring out how to set the calls to vibrate won’t be a hard task at all. The Nokia 6101 model was made as a user friendly and stylish flip phone. The main issue people seem to have is how on earth do they change the phone to be set to vibrate? What most people do not know is that changing the settings to vibrate is only a couple buttons away.

  1. Open the phone. If the Nokia 6101 phone is not open, the volume settings will not change.
  2. Find the long button on the left side of the Nokia 6101 phone. This is the volume control button on the Nokia 6101 model.
  3. Push the button down until the phone says vibrate. If you don’t want to hear the volume “beep” as you change it to vibrate, follow the next steps instead.
  4. Select the “Menu” button. This button will need to be found to be able to set the phone to vibrate on the Nokia 6101 model.
  5. Find the “Settings” button and select it.
  6. Push the “Tones” button. After pushing this button there will be choices such as: “Incoming Call Alert”, “Ringing Tone”, “Ringing Volume”, “Message Alert Tone”, “Keypad Tones”, “Warning Tones”, and “Vibrating Alert”.
  7. Select “Vibrating Alert”. This will give you the choice to select whether you want the phone’s calls or messages to vibrate.
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