Nokia Model 6030: How To Turn Up Volume

The style and the simplicity of the Nokia model 6030 is exemplified in the easy process of how to turn up the volume. This phone model was made to be secure and private for the user and is a great phone for storing all kinds of its information in a SIM card. A SIM card is a card that stores the phones memory. The SIM card fits inside the back of the phone under the battery. At first, the phones settings may be challenging to figure out, but after searching through the phone’s choices finding what you want or need should be a relatively easy task. Many phones have a volume control button on the outside of the phone, but the Nokia 6030’s volume can only be controlled from the inside in the menu which can be a challenge for someone who isn’t familiar with it.

  1. Select the “Menu” button. This button needs to be pushed to get to the tone settings to turn up the volume on the phone.
  2. Push the “Tone Settings” button. If this button isn’t found and pushed, the volume cannot be turned up.
  3. Select the “Ringing Volume” button. You can also click on “Incoming Call Alert,” “Ringing Tone,” Vibrating Alert,” “Message Alert Tone,” “Keypad Tones,” or “Warning Tones” to change other sound settings on the phone, but this is the button that will need to be pushed to turn up the volume.
  4. Push the up and down keys to turn up the volume. Whichever way the button is pushed the volume will either get louder or quieter.



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