Nokia N95: Tricks And Tips

Did you know that your Nokia N95 has tricks and tips to provide a better phone experience? The Nokia N95 suffers from a short battery lifespan. Knowing some helpful tips will expand the life cycle of your phone. Some tricks will help if you need a full description of your phone.   

  • Tip 1: Turn off your bluetooth.  Turning your bluetooth off will help save battery life and it will protect your Nokia N95 from being hacked. 
  • Tip 2: Go straight to your music playlist without having to look into your menu screen. Press and hold the multimedia button located at the lower left corner. 
  • Tip 3: Increase your battery life. Besides turning off the wi-fi scanning and the 3G scanning you can significantly increase your batteries life by minimizing the brightness of your screen. On the menu screen, search for 'display' and change the light from default to 'minimum'.
  • Tip 4: Set the time-out. Lessen the time it takes for the screen to fade into black. This will help save the batteries life. 

Text these tricks below to yourself. 

  • Trick 1: *#06#. Disregard the period at the end. This will give you the IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) that is located at the back cover of your Nokia N95. You can choose to disable the Nokia N95 by inputting the number you will be provided. 
  • Trick 2: *#0000#. You will get a full description of your phone.  
  • Trick 3: #92702689#(#WAR0ANTY#). The '0' is a zero. You will get the time of all incoming and outgoing calls.      
  • Trick 4: #62209#(#MAC_WLAN#). You will get the Wireless MAC address (Media Access Control) to your Nokia N95. 
  • Trick 5: *#2820#. This trick will provide the bluetooth MAC address for your Nokia N95.
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