Nolan Ryan Stats

Nolan Ryan stats outline one of the more colorful careers in MLB history. You will find strikeouts and impressive ERA numbers in Nolan Ryan stats, but you won't find Ryan's ability to stand up to people that would charge his mound or the injuries that he caused by throwing at batters. Nolan Ryan stats can seem like the presentation of a successful baseball career. But it is the Nolan Ryan stats you do not see that add the color to the success.

  1. Hit batters. In his 27-year baseball career, Nolan Ryan hit 158 batters. These are the Nolan Ryan stats that really tell the story of what kind of competitor he was. In the 1971 season, Ryan hit fifteen batters. Considering that Nolan Ryan fastballs were clocked at up to 100 mph, it is a wonder the guy did not kill someone.
  2. Home runs allowed. Nolan Ryan stats can show his power as well as his accuracy. In 27 major league seasons on the mound, Nolan Ryan only gave up a total of 321 home runs. That is an average of less than twelve per season. Any baseball fan would call that some very fine pitching.
  3. Complete games. One of the Nolan Ryan stats that does not get enough attention is the number of complete games that Ryan pitched in his career. In his time in the majors, Nolan Ryan pitched 222 complete games or an average of eight per season. Considering how hard he threw and how many times he was rushed on the mound by angry batters, this stat is pretty incredible.
  4. Wild pitches. When a guy can throw upwards of 100 mph, everyone at or behind the plate is in danger when he throws a wild pitch. In his career, Nolan Ryan threw 277 wild pitches, or about ten per season. Each year, these were probably ten of the most exciting moments in baseball.
  5. Batting average. Nolan Ryan played for the New Yok Mets and Houston Astros of the National League, so he batted quite frequently. For all of his pitching knowledge, the best Nolan Ryan could do at the plate was a career batting average of .110.
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