Non Nude Model

If you're looking for some gorgeous women to look at while on the clock, you might need a suggestion for a good non nude model or two. The following non nude models have some of the best bodies on Earth, but they're just not willing to show us anything more than some cleavage and scant pieces of skin. Even if you want to see the naughty stuff, you're just going to have to let your imagination do the work with these gorgeous non nude models.

  1. Scarlett Johansson. This blonde bombshell is one of the most famous non nude models of all time. She's most famous for having an amazing body that she's not willing to show for the cameras, claiming that it will ruin her legitimacy as an actress. While this very well may be the case, we're still wondering why she won't cave in and let everyone see the goods.
  2. Denise Milani. This Eastern European goddess has some of the best assets in the world, and has made a huge amount of success for a non nude model. Each one of the photo shoots she does oozes pure sexuality, but despite her fans' protests, she still won't show anyone her wonder twins. While we respect her decision to be a non nude model, we're still wondering why she won't come over to the other side.
  3. Blake Lively. Even if you hate "Gossip Girl," you have to admit that Blake Lively is pretty hot. The fact that she won't go nude for photos makes her even hotter, a fact that was proven when people thought she was going to pose for Playboy. The fact of the matter is, she's said time and time again that she remains to be a purely non nude model, so I guess the lesson is to take whatever we can get, especially from this blonde goddess.
  4. Gisele Bundchen. To be fair, she has done body paint, but that still counts as being a non nude model in our book. This stunner from "Sports Illustrated" and Victoria's Secret is easily one of the hottest women on the planet, which makes her non nude work all the more frustrating. We're just aching to see what Tom Brady gets to see almost every night, and the fact that he beat us to it makes it even more irksome.
  5. Katy Perry. She may have kissed a girl, and she might have been kicked off of Sesame Street, but the fact remains that Katy Perry refuses to go nude for her fans. The worst part is, every single one of her photo shoots taunts and teases us so much, as if she's mocking us. There's being a non nude model, Katy Perry, and then there's just being mean.
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