Non Renewable Resources

There is a lot that citizens can learn about non renewable resources. What is a non renewable resource? This type of resource can not be replaced once it is consumed. There is a fixed amount of these resources that are only produced by nature and they can not be reproduced by humans. Some examples of these resources are coal, gas, and oil. Read on to learn more about these three valuable non renewable resources.

Coal is a nonrenewable resource that is probably unknown to the public and it has been mined for the last three centuries. This resource is valuable because it is primarily use to produce the electrical power in our homes. None of us can live without it and businesses, our economy, and society depend on this resource that only nature can produce. This black rock operates computers but the next resource operates cars.

Gas is a nonrenewable resource that is known by everyone that drives a car. Today, we consume a lot gas, but in the future, we will have less gas to consume because it takes many years for the earth to replace this resource. Gas prices continue to rise because it is no longer abundant as it was many years ago, this non renewable resource is becoming scarce. Put simply, we are using too much gas and it is affecting our environment and many products contain oil.

Oil is a nonrenewable resource that is probably more important than any other product in the world. The best and the brightest scientists in the world could not answer your simplest question about oil. Will oil run out? No one knows if oil will ever become nonexistent because individuals can only speculate. For hundreds of years, mankind has been dependant on this natural resource as though it was his favorite dish. Almost all products are made out of oil. Of course, we can not drive, fly, or boat without this resource.

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