Norah Jones Songs

Relax with these Norah Jones songs. Norah Jones is a musical artist with a smooth jazz sound. She has worn nine Grammy Awards and has released multiple albums.

  1. “Don’t know Why” released 2002 on “Come Away with Me.” This is one of Norah Jones’ most known songs. The song captures the jazz quality of her voice. Norah Jones preformed the song on “Sesame Street” with the letter “Y.” It's a very catchy and heartfelt song that many people can relate to.
  2. “Young Blood” released 2009 on “The Fall." Norah Jones sings in her beautifully full voice of love gone wrong in this song. With references to arson and killing werewolves, this song is a little more graphic than some of her other tracks. Norah Jones experiments a lot on this album and that is clear in this song.
  3. “Sunrise” released 2003 on “Feels like Home.” This is one of Norah Jones’ very poetic songs with lyrics such as: “Sunrise, sunrise couldn’t tempt us if it tried.” Norah Jones’ repeats “sunrise” throughout the song which creates a beautiful image. It's hard to listen to this song with dry eyes.
  4. “Come Away with Me” released 2002 on “Come Away with Me.” This song is off of Norah Jones’ debut album and is featured in the movie “Maid in Manhattan.” This song is a beautiful plea from the singer to the one she loves. It is a popular couple's song and many people play it at their wedding.
  5. “My Dear Country” released 2007 on “Never Too Late.” Norah Jones wrote this song before the 2004 elections. The lyrics reveal how uncertain and fearful she was over the results. The song paints a picture Norah Jones’ political views in a very poetic way. The lyrics are raw and powerful. Many people didn't care for her opinion but the emotion in her voice makes this one of her better songs.
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