Normal Heart Rate For Men During Exercise

Men and women both should maintain a normal heart rate during exercise, and it's important to know what the normal heart rate for men during exercise is. Because men and women's bodies are different, they are going to perform different, including their hearts. Work outs will naturally increase your heart rate, and a man's heart rate will be different from that of a woman's. Men naturally have a higher resting heart rate as well as a higher heart rate than a woman during and after a work out. But as a man, do you know what that heart rate should be during exercise?

The heart rate indicates how many beats per minute your heart is beating. Because each individual is different, heart rates are going to vary even when comparing with the same variables such as age and work out regimens. "Normal" is a broad term, and there is a variation in "normal" when it comes to the human body, especially for heart rates. Many studies have been conducted over the years that have tried to formulate a "normal" heart rate for one particular sex and age. What studies have shown is that individuals' heart rates vary depending on several factors, like type of exercise, duration of exercise, sex, and age. The conclusion is that a normal heart rate during vigorous exercise can vary anywhere from 160 beats per minute to 220 beats per minute. 

If you would like to find out what your heart rate is while working out, there are devices you can get that can accurately calculate your heart rate. Many fitness stores and stores online sell these products.





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