Nude Activities In Arizona

There are many places to enjoy nude activities in Arizona. Most nudists are dues-paying members of the American Association for Nude Recreation or other nudist organizations. Their philosophy is that the entire human body is wholesome, that social nudism is natural and that they have a right to practice nudism as long as they don’t infringe on the rights of others. Members are not judged for their race, politics, religion, age, gender, income, marital status or income; they are judged on their compatibility and conformity with the group. Alcohol may be used in moderation and drugs or other illegal activities are prohibited. The atmosphere is a family one and respect is imperative. These nudist groups enjoy many nude activities in Arizona throughout the year. There are no federal regulations regarding nudity, so many events are held on United States Forest Services of Bureau of Land Management properties.

  1. Camping is often enjoyed. The Canyon State Naturists often enjoy nude activities such as camping in RVs, vans, campers, tents and sleeping bags. They go to wild areas, beaches, deserts, hot springs and rivers. The Shangri La Ranch also has facilities for camping and RV hookups, as well as cabins, a motel, lodge and a park model available. 
  2. Pool and BBQ parties are enjoyed at members’ homes from time to time. Members of the Canyon State Naturists and the Wildflowers often enjoy pool and BBQ parties. Often members enjoy saunas, spas and sunbathing. Everyone brings a potluck dish, their own utensils and two towels (one to sit on and one to dry off). At the Shangri-La Ranch, swimming is one of the nude activities as no bathing suits are allowed in the pool.
  3. Boating trips are planned annually. The Canyon State Naturists have an annual houseboat party at either Lake Mead or Lake Powell. The Wildflowers often enjoy boating at a nudist facility.
  4. Both volleyball and water volleyball are often enjoyed by members. The Canyon State Naturists and Wildflowers often have fun with a game of volleyball.  Water volleyball is also offered at the Shangri La Ranch.
  5. Hiking and backpacking trips are a common occurrence. Most nudist clubs enjoy frequent hiking or backpacking trips. Some clubs offer them more frequently than others.
  6. Sometimes groups form to enjoy an activity. When there is a mutual interest in activities such as photography, karaoke or some other activity, groups form to enjoy these nude activities together.
  7. Parties are sometimes held for special holidays throughout the year. The Wildflowers have yearly parties for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The Shangri La Ranch hosts dancing with a DJ.
  8. Educational programs are sometimes offered for members. Sometimes the Canyon State Naturists sponsor educational programs for its members.
  9. Other sports are offered at different organizations. Tennis, basketball and horseshoes are often played by members at the Shangri La Ranch, while the Canyon State Naturists offer biking, marksmanship and four-wheeling for nude activities.
  10. Books, board games and card games are available for members. Members attending the Shangri La Ranch often enjoy reading books, playing games or playing cards as part of their nude activities.
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