Nude Female Gymnasts

The best nude female gymnasts are those pieces of tail whom you can easily see contorting their bodies in all manner of shapes, just as easily as you can see them taking off their already scant clothing for poses in men's magazines. While these nude female gymnasts may indeed reverse their whole career's work of trying to be recognized as athletes first and foremost instead of just pieces of meat, no one is complaining about them strutting around nude and appealing to man's basest desires.

  1. Svetlana Khorkina. Svetlana Khorkina is a Russian gymnast who has an insane number of international medals to her name, a mind-blowing 27 in all. So it was just as mind-blowing when she shed her oppressive gymnast clothing and finally showed her goods in the pages of Playboy's Russian magazine. While this outraged her father, this probably did not outrage the male readership of Playboy Russia.
  2. Amy Acuff. Looking like a proverbial "good girl" and the even more proverbial "girl-next-door," the high jumper female athlete by the name of Amy Acuff is best remembered in men's pornography magazine circles as the cover athlete for the September 2004 edition of Playboy. With her dirty blonde hair and her long, high-jumper's legs, Acuff had all the goods to qualify as the female cover athlete.
  3. Corina Ungureanu. This young lass and female athlete was a world-class gymnast back in the 1990's, and she was also an integral part of two World Championship teams. Chances are that you likely have not heard of her ever before, but chances are just as good that her breasts will more likely than not look extremely familiar to you, especially if you had gotten your grimy, little hands on Playboy Romania from January 2000 and March 2008.
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